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Starting Out

My Best Pet Supplies – Caring For Your Pet 

Best Pet Supplies

Here at my best pet supplies, we try to supply you with the best pet supplies and information. So you have just purchased or have been given a puppy or kitty, now comes the fun with your new best friend.

I would like to say that before this step you should consider this – Caring for your pet will mean a commitment of anywhere from ten to twenty years for a dog or cat and much longer for some birds but you will have a truly loyal buddy for all these years.

Make sure your pet has all their shots as this is very important, as some diseases are fatal and if they catch them it is to late for a shot. You will also have to get some pet food (wet or dry) I prefer dry food as it cleans the teeth as they are chewing it up (gets rid of tarter) for a sweeter breath.

Dogs and cats love to be combed and brushed, so you will need to buy a good comb brush combination and of course a nice food and water  dish that they will know is their own. Now how about a nice comfy pillow for them to sleep on, have a cover on it so it can be washed once in a while as it will need it.

Well this is a start, there will be more coming and if you would like some help I would be happy to do what I can, you have started on a very rewarding new phase in your life, Enjoy.

Words of Wisdom
What’s the difference between cats and dogs? Dogs have owners; cats have Staff.

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4 thoughts on “Starting Out
  1. Tiffany says:

    Great website, it is so true, “cats have staff..” Looking forward to more post!

    1. admin says:

      I thought How true How True, Cats make you think we are working for them which I guess if you want to think about it….

  2. I love this website. And as I have two cats that get everything they want. I can learn so much here. And also I am a Wealthy Affiliate member. Joining WA was one of the best decisions I ever made. I highly recommend it.

    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks Pauric, Glad you got some info you were looking for and will be doing more on cats in the future. I agree with you 100% on wealthy affiliate, best and last place I will be.

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