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Popular Dog Toys – Keep Them Busy And Entertained

popular dog toys, One of the things dog owners often try to find is a way to keep their dogs happy, particularly while they are away during the day at work.

Some of the most popular dog toys are ones that keep dogs busy for hours.  We’ll also look at the best dog toys for puppies in this article.

Whichever toys you choose for your canine friend, try to shop for ones that are durable, colorful, and appealing.  You’ll see that many of the popular dog toys and the best dog toys for puppies meet these criteria.

When you are looking at dog toys, look for ones that will engage their senses while keeping their brains active solving puzzles or doing natural things. Dogs, like humans, benefit from mental activities that keep them busy.  The opposite of this is a dog that becomes destructive because it is bored. The best dog toys for puppies will be durable and will not come apart, causing a choke hazard.

Most Popular Dog Toys:

Kongs –

The toy most likely to be ranked number one among dog owners is the Kong.  Part chew toy, part treat dispenser, with 100% dog engagement.  The tough rubber exterior keeps it from being completely destroyed even by the most active chewing.

You can stuff your Kong with any number of treats that your dog loves.  A safe bet is peanut butter.  Your dog chases it and then spends the next several minutes, or even hours, licking all of the peanut butter out of it.  Kongs come in a number of sizes, so any size dog can have fun with it.

Bobble toys

Similar to Kongs are bobbing toys that have a weighted bottom.  These toys are a lot like boxing bags in that they are designed to right themselves immediately because of that weight in the bottom.  The top detaches so you can put your dog’s favorite food inside and there is a little door you can adjust to regulate how quickly the food dispenses.  This way your dog can have a meal last as long as you want it to.  These also come in a variety of sizes, so it’s perfect for any dog.

Other toys

popular dog toys, 1 – Does your dog love water?  Finding a toy that can be tossed into the water to encourage your dog to dive in after it is ideal for both play and exercise.

2 – There are a wide variety of sizes of braided ropes with strong knots in the ends that you can use to play tug-of-war with.  This is a great toy you can use to play with your dog, so not only does your dog get the benefit of play, but it also helps foster a bond between you and your dog. Just remember to be gentle and not injure your dog’s teeth, and don’t use too large of a rope for a small dog.

3 – Sometimes the best toys are the simplest.  A tennis ball or a Frisbee can be all that is needed to provide fun ways to play with you and get some good exercise at the same time.  These toys are ideal for dogs that are used to running and chasing, like hunting dogs or retrievers.

4 – Much like puppies, as we will soon see, a soft toy is perfect for a small breed.  His little teeth will grip the fabric and he can toss it around without it weighing too much and causing him harm.  You can even find some that do not have stuffing in them so if your dog gets a little too rambunctious, it won’t release any fuzz that your dog might ingest accidentally.

 5 – Depending on your dog’s unique personality, it may take some trial and error to find just the right toy. Don’t despair if it takes you a while – your dog just loves the chance to spend time with you.

Toys for puppies

popular dog toys,The best dog toys for puppies are usually soft and squeezable.  They also love toys that squeak.  You can also find teething toys made from durable rubber or rawhide so your puppy can chew on something it should and not your television wires or your shoes.

Hard rubber balls are great for chewing on and chasing.  Some puppies also love crawling in paper grocery bags and playing hide and seek.

Wrap-up –

No matter what toy you choose, as long as it is one that engages multiple senses at once, your dog will surely love to play with it.  Many of the most popular dog toys do just that.

Periodically, be sure to check the toy you give your fur friend, and if you see parts coming off or a choke hazard forming, remove the toy and throw it away.  It’s always best to play safely. Learn about the natural remedies designed to treat common conditions & ailments in a holistic & natural manner.

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