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Simple Dog House Plans – For Beginners

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Dog House for Protection

We all want to protect our pets from the weather hot or cold and they need a place to call home too. If you are like me, not to savvy in the wood working department and want some dog house plans, then take a look at some of these simple dog house plans, Click Here!.

There are all kinds of wood working plans, dog houses, bird houses, tree houses and much more to numerous to mention and also very reasonable.

Why Do We Need A Dog House?

If you have a larger dog then it will be running in the back yard or if on a farm then it will have the run of the bigger yard but either way they need a shelter. In the summer they will need shelter from the sun, rain and the cold winds. Now in the winter it is just as important if not more so because of the frigid days and nights.

This is the time to hang a canvas or something similar over the door (try to have the door point away from the harsh winds). One more thing that will really help to make him comfortable in those long cold days and nights is an electric heat pad, use very little power and are very inexpensive.

Looking Good In Your Yard

dog house plans,dogs

Dog House for Protection

A well designed and well built dog house will enhance the surroundings in any yard and serve as a home for your best friend. Your yard will look nice and homey with your newly built and painted dog house. You will need to supply your buddy with a large water bowel and another for his food.

Make sure the water bowel is plastic in the winter, we all know what happens when we stick our tongue on some metal flag pole or such in the winter, Right? Placing the food and water bowl inside on the corner of the heat pad will keep the water from freezing (double usage for the heat pad).

I hope this helps you in making your best friend more comfortable and even giving your yard that comfy homey look that your friends and neighbors will also like. I hope you found a few new tips that will help you and your pet and also spruce up the back yard.

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