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How To Care For Your Pets – Your Start To A New Exciting Friendship

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Keeping your dog fit doesn’t have to be a chore

Most of us have one or more pet dogs or cats and ownership is on the increase as people are finding out they are the perfect friend that will help us to relax after a grueling day at work.

At My Best Pet Supplies we try to give sound advice on dog feeding tips and on caring for our new friends and finding online pet supplies to make for a happier and healthier relationship for both you and your pet.

A balanced diet is very important for your cat or dog. If you look at the labeling on dog and cat food you can see the difference in the ingredients that makeup their food.

Water is the most important part of your cat and especially your dog’s daily diet. A dog’s body is made of 70% water so they need a fresh supply they can access at all times. That goes without saying for your cat as well although they will not drink as much. As a rule of thumb any water you drink is good for your pets also.

If you and your dog are going for a ride or a long walk be sure to take some bottled water with you as they get dehydrated in the heat. When a dog is panting, that is him sweating and he is losing a lot of water and it needs to be replaced. Never leave them in a locked car, even for a few minutes; this is a pet killer and also illegal.

Shopping for Pet Food

When you are shopping for pet food make sure it is labelled Complete and Balanced, this will make sure you have the right nutrients for your pet. When starting out with a pup or kitten you will need a food with higher nutrients and calories but as they grow and start to put on extra weight their food should be changed to fewer nutrients and calories. This is where adult food comes into play, do not let your pets gain too much weight as this is very unhealthy and is sure to end in an early death.

Wet or Dry Food – which is best?

Wet food or canned food has the same nutrients and calories as the dry but is a bit messier to use. It cakes to the dish if left for any length of time and if not cleaned up by your pet will have to be thrown out, (wasted) and once opened has to be refrigerated. Dry food keeps in a closet and there is no waste as it does not spoil and best of all cleans the tarter off your pet’s teeth for a much cleaner mouth and sweeter smelling breath.

Finally, should I feed my pet from the table?

My choice is no, if fed while you are eating he will bother you at the table each and every time you sit down to eat. When you have guests it can be embarrassing when they are scratching at their legs or lap for a piece of food.

We did not feed our dog at the table and while we were eating he was lying on his pillow sleeping, this is totally your choice but remember once started it is very hard to break the habit, for both of you. Enjoy your pet, you will have a lifelong friend and companion.

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3 thoughts on “How To Care For Your Pets – Your Start To A New Exciting Friendship
  1. James W D says:

    Wayne, I agree with the no feeding at the table. I always teach my dogs to go laydown when we sit down for dinner. I am not a fan of them begging at the table, nor do I like them staring at me while I eat too.

    1. admin says:

      Yes James, My sentiments exactly.

    2. Wayne says:

      Good way to teach them, many let their pets more or less sit at the table with them, bad habit to start.

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