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Feeding Your Pet

When picking out food for your pet the first time it’s a good idea to get help as food varies for pets, small pups, larger pups and age also, same with kittens or cats. A good place to get information for this is to talk to your local vet (some free, some not) or for excellent free advise go to your nearby pet store taking your pet with you. I really prefer dry food as it cleans your pets teeth as they eat and there is no refrigeration required.

Feeding times vary, once a day or twice a day and the amount will be on the package as per the weight of your pet. I fed our dog Tigger  (a pekingese) once a day, at 5 o’clock in the afternoon (filled his dish and he got all he wanted) and after a while he would let you know when it was time to be fed.

When he was older I thought I would try something different and leave his dish down all day, he never touched it but at 5 o’clock he was at his dish looking at me for permission to eat. He would not eat unless I was there and after he was finished we went out and he was a happy, healthy camper.

Most all dogs like the chew sticks but not all like the same kind, they have different tastes just as you and I. You will learn their preferences as time goes on, just like with a baby. I think you will find as time goes on that a baby, a puppy or a kitten will need about the same attention, being taught to mind and potty training.

With all this said and done as they grow you will both be buddies for life, they will always be waiting for that door to open and their masters to come home from work. Pets are so fulfilling to have around both for you and your children. Good Luck and most of all Enjoy.

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