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You may contact us using the email below or through the comments section and we will do our best to get back to you within 24 hours. Thank You.


6 thoughts on “Contact Us
  1. Marta LeFave says:

    Ref: P.O. 115-9424725-7899459 Faux Leather Square Bet-Dark Brown Large

    I received this bed for which I paid Amazon $50.27 (with shipping and handling).

    It is the wrong size. I ordered a large bed – what I received is 23″X21″ – only big enough for my Bishon.

    Please credit me the difference and mail me a check for the difference between the correct bed and the bed you sent. If I do not receive a check within two weeks, I will place a complaint with Amazon.

    I will give this bed away to a friend and never buy from you again.

    The box did not even have a packing slip, inside or outside!! it was just a bed packed in a plastic wrap-nothing else.

    Please mail check to
    P.O. Box 1213
    Vernon, NJ 07462

    Thank you.

    Marta Le Fave

    1. Wayne says:

      I’m sorry but I do not handle any of amazons money or shipping, you followed a link to amazon.com and they handled everything from there. As far as money amazon collected from you and you will have to get a refund from them. Sorry about your problem with Amazon.

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    1. Wayne says:

      Thanks, I try to make it so everyone gets the information they want with out any problems.

  3. Brady Swan says:

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    1. Wayne says:

      Hi, Thanks for the offer but I will be following the Wealthy Affiliate Program to get visitors to my site.

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