Dog Shoes Protect Paws – For Dogs Of All Sizes

So you are looking for dogs shoes well there are all kinds, Designer patterns, laces or no laces, sandals or high tops, canvas, rubber, or Kevlar.  What are you shopping for?  Shoes For Dogs, of course! Like humans’ shoes, paw wear (fashion shoes, boots, sandals, and dog shoes...
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Dog Nail Grooming – Made Easy

nail grooming,
Dog Nail Grooming Your dog is bathed, trimmed and scented, but did you remember its “pawticure”, dog nail grooming with dog nail clippers? Keeping your dog well groomed is a head-to-toe responsibility.  The condition of your dog’s coat is important to its appearance and good health and so...
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Dog Tartar Removal – The Easy Way

dog tarter removal,
Dog Tartar Removal Just like humans, we need to be sure we are taking care of our dogs’ teeth.  Tartar buildup can lead to gingivitis, just like humans; and infections that can spread to the rest of the body, just like humans.  It’s important to get tartar off...
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Simple Dog House Plans – For Beginners

dog house plans,dogs
We all want to protect our pets from the weather hot or cold and they need a place to call home too. If you are like me, not to savvy in the wood working department and want some dog house plans, then take a look at some of...
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Best Dog Backpacks – Hiking Tips

dog backpaks.
I am going to talk a bit about the best dog backpacks for your needs and choosing the best dog backpack for your buddy. Now I realize that most of you will want to take your dog on hikes and not choose a specific breed just for hiking...
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